Hulk Hogan Reportedly Staying With TNA – WWE Offering Hogan Low Amount Of Money

Hulk Hogan will be staying with TNA. TNA apparently offered Hogan more money than WWE did, reports.

It’s said that what WWE offered Hogan was nowhere close to what they’ve offered other stars in previous years. What Hogan will make in 1 year with TNA is about what The Rock and Brock Lesnar are making for 1 match with WWE.

  • Brad

    Overpaid…as usual. Hogan the best con-man in TNA history, hands down.

  • CS 22

    Whatever he’s getting, it’s too much. Anyone else that had produced zero (if not negative) results over a 4 year period would have been fired a long time ago.

  • Hollyvvood Hunter

    And the Rock and Lesnar have pulled what kind of ratings??? Hogan haters make me laugh. 1 the guy is the REASON why WWE made it this far. 2 all they can say is he is washed up but last time I checked he still gets longer ovations and better pops then any wrestler out there. Rock is more into the NOW but he still doesnt pull ratings. But you new generation of fans dont know what respect is.

    • Brad

      Hogan gets ovations? Those died 10 years ago. He’s not the only reason for WWE’s success.

      WWE Guys get louder responses than Hogan does now. haha your probably Hogan himself.

    • Willey

      Daniel Bryan has the whole entire arena shouting YES! Hogan cannot do that anymore

      • gdn

        you most be hi

    • Jay Ciaravino

      Hogan may be the reason why WWE elevated itself above the competition… in the 80’s. This is 2013. Hogan has long out stayed his welcome. All he is doing now is holding up TNA capital with his request for superstar money, which is essentially placing a barricade between the spotlight and up and comers. I’m a capitalist, so if he can get it, then good for him. However, all he is really accomplishing, is standing in the way of tomorrow’s talent by not recognizing that his time has passed, much like Ric Flair did. Yes he can still get a pop, but then again, so could Kamala if you wheeled his old arse out on stage. Should we pay Kamala a million bucks to come be GM for RAW?

      • Kamala’s Biggest Fan

        Yes, we should definitly bring back Kamala..

  • Noel Lackey

    Yeah well let them use him properly and not just part of some power struggle storyline like he always is. Regardless of peoples feelings about him he could still put some people over by just being involved in a program with them, he doesn’t even have to wrestle.

  • Big_Heat_34

    At this point, Hogan is not a wrestler, just a name. In the wake of the Jerry Lawler near-death after his match last year, there is no way WWE would pay Hogan a buttload of money to wrestle. Lesnar and the Rock, while part-timers, can still go in a match. Hogan can’t. Why pay him the same kind of money?

  • Ǎ.Ĵ.

    John Cena Even With His Haters Gets A Louder Ovation Than Hogan