Hulk Hogan Reportedly Training For A WWE Return & Accepting Major Bookings

Published On 10/26/2013 | By Staff | News

Hulk Hogan, who is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Hogan’s Beach Shop this weekend, still has not signed a deal with TNA and has started to put feelers out to see what major bookings he can get. reported this past week that Hogan has signed to appear at The Big Event convention on November 9th in Flushing, New York.

Hogan is reportedly training for a return to the ring with the idea that if WWE offers him something, he will be ready to go. Hogan has been “training like a mad man” with hopes of getting back in the ring for WWE.

(Source: PWInsider)

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  • Sam Cooke

    Please not Cena Hogan.

  • Lofty_2013

    Be great to see hogan one more time at wrestlemania but who will his match be against? and hopefully one last leg drop!. be great to finally see Hogan and flair have a match at wrestlemania for 2 old guys im sure they can still pull it off!

    • bignab

      oh jesus no

    • CreatureOfTheNight

      hogan vs the rock

  • terry

    If brought in there.He better apologize for his actions that has gone on in his private life to the fans.TNA never had him do that.

  • John

    Hogan undertaker

  • Sauoleola

    Hogan vs Vince would be awesome.

  • ell635

    Hogan vs Triple H? Imagine that

  • Big_Heat_34


    DO. NOT. WANT.