Hulk Hogan Says He’s Training For One More WWE Match, Update On His Upcoming Raw Return

A nice sized crowd showed up at iPlay America in New Jersey on Saturday for a Hulk Hogan Uncut event. The event lasted under an hour.

Jimmy Hart, who was with Hogan, mentioned that Hogan would be appearing on RAW in the next few weeks but stopped himself and said WWE probably doesn’t want him to spoil Hogan’s return. Hogan has already been announced for the August 11th RAW.

The biggest news coming out of the event is Hogan saying he’s training for one more match in WWE and that he wants it to be against John Cena. Hogan has been praising Cena in interviews lately and called Cena the greatest WWE Champion of all-time.

  • Sean Swaby

    Please don’t tell me Hogan is going to job to Cena?

  • alex ferns

    watcha going to do when hulk hoga runs wild all over u , cena

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Just give it up old man

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Isn’t Hogan like 60 years old suffering from severe back injuries?

    I get it would be awesome, for nostalgic purposes and to fulfill the dream match that should’ve happened. But I doubt Hogan could pass the physical test.

    Besides, there’s like a total of 8 moves between the two and literally any of Cena’s moves will leave Hogan on a stretcher diagnosing him with permanent paralysis.

    If this match was ever made official, how will it even work if my dude can’t even take a bump?

  • Jacob June

    For the love over-sun-exposed, past their prime, should have gone away years ago talent of WWE., when will Hogan just stop this bullshit and just know when to let go? Will we b seeing a Hogan vs Randy Orton III FFS?!

  • Yusei Asakura

    Oh my god here We go people The Dream Match of the universe . The HULK vs Super Cena on top of MSG No Ring No Refs only TV Cameras

    The Universe will implode from this Match at WM Infact This will be the only Main event match at WM Because when it comes to Hogan and Cena Brother Every match is an Undercard Match Brother!

  • thatpj

    So that’s why Punk quit the WWE!

  • Marck-WWEDivas

    No, please no! A match between him and John Cena could be easily nominated for the worst match of the year.