Hulk Hogan Teases Possible Return To WWE

Hulk Hogan remains a free agent following the expiration of his contract with TNA Wrestling last month and the two parties being unable to reach a new agreement. This afternoon on Facebook, the legendary grappler teased a possible return to WWE by publishing a photo of himself clutching a replica copy of the WWE Championship. His caption reads, “Thinkin, thinkin, thinkin. HH.”

Hulk Hogan

It was reported last week by that the 60-year-old has been “training like a mad man” in hopes of wrestling again for WWE.

Hogan returning to the promotion could hinge on Triple H, who is leaving the door open for his return to the sports-entertainment organization. The six-time WWE Champion told the Associated Press earlier this month that he was warmly received by Vince McMahon’s son-in-law at a recent charity function.

“He just welcomed me with open arms. He said if ever I decide I get the itch to come back home,” the door’s open,” Hogan stated.

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  • xnyer

    Hogan stay with TNA, thats where all retired WWE wrestlers go

    • Geronimo Jerry Cantu

      Then make some comebacks to the wwe when they felt like!

  • Atl The Sports Town

    Hogan they’ll just embarrass you again. Make you look like the idiot you are. But hey money means more to you

  • Cody Mix

    Make another run in WWE, anything to mix up the stale product they have going on.