Impact Wrestling Schedule At WrestleCon

The following was sent to us:

Next week is WrestleCon LIVE from New Orleans. A weekend that has long been THE weekend of the year for wrestling fans from all over the world. There are wrestling events that start in the morning, afternoon and some that even start after midnight! It is the wrestling weekend of the year.

This year not only will IMPACT Wrestling be a part of WrestleCon, but we are putting on what is shaping up to be one of the most can’t miss events of weekend. IMPACT Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground. The matches have started rolling out, the Main Event is amazing and the night will be filled with incredible action. What happens if you can’t be in New Orleans for WrestleCon? Then we invite you experience WrestleCon with us LIVE on Twitch. You may have heard us talking about it on IMPACT Wrestling and while it is IMPACT Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground on Friday, April 6th at The Sugar Mill Factory, the LIVE Twitch Stream will start on Thursday night.

We will start with a 2 hour “Twitch Cast” where Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt will look at everything happening at WrestleCon Weekend. Plus, you never know who will show up during the Twitch Cast as they will be hosting from the hotel lobby!


When the Twitch Cast is over, the night is just starting! We will head to dinner in New Orleans and our Guest List is starting to fill up quickly! Who will show up? We can’t wait to find out.

After everyone is fed and settled in, we are meeting up with Moose to make our way to WaleMania! If you are unfamiliar with WaleMania, check it out HERE and get ready to see Moose hang out at the premiere “kickoff” event for WrestleCon weekend.

Thursday night will end at 1AM ET and we will pick it up just a few hours later on Friday morning. We told everyone we would basically be live from Thursday to Sunday and we will start Friday with an hour long workout with former World Champion, Eli Drake!

After we are feeling great from a morning workout with Eli Drake (make sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water!) we will get in the car for our Twitch Cast with Josh and Sonjay and head into the city limits for WrestleCon. Josh and Sonjay will podcast from 9AM – 10AM ET as we get ready for the first day of WrestleCon. Hundreds of Wrestlers, thousands of fans and our Twitch IRL will be rolling! See what the stars see, hear what the stars hear and feel the experience of WrestleCon from the comfort of your home! Let us do the travel and deal with the crowds!

After the trip from the hotel to WrestleCon at the Sheraton Hotel in the Big Easy, the next 6 hours are all about you, the fans! It is about hanging out with the stars and more. We will walk around and we will see what is happening in every corner of WrestleCon on Friday from 10AM – 4PM ET.

At the IMPACT Wrestling Table on Friday, you will be able to see Eli Drake and the current IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion, Matt Sydal signing and interacting with fans and more! We have also just added Alberto El Patron to our WrestleCon schedule! Patron will join Eli Drake and Matt Sydal on Friday and spend the day signing autographs, taking pictures and more!


When WrestleCon is over on 4PM ET we are only a few short hours away from IMPACT Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground at 10PM ET, but we have plenty to do before the show! At 4PM ET, it is time to visit the darker side of New Orleans with Rosemary as the former Knockouts Champion gets her palm read in the Big Easy. What is the future of Rosemary? Will she like her fortune or will she mist the reader in the face?

At 5PM we will link back up with Josh Mathews and Sonjay for a 30 minute reset of the day and get ready for a Redemption Press Conference, more on that in a second.

Our next Pay Per View event is April 22nd and the Main Event is set, Austin Aries will defend his World Title against Alberto El Patron. Both men will be in the Main Event Friday night! However, before that, they will be in the same room for the Redemption Press Conference, it is open to the public and we will stream portions LIVE on Twitch!

Now we need to eat! Why not have dinner with Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley in New Orleans! Will they try some of the local cuisine? Do they know what the locals eat?

After hanging out with Rosemary, eating dinner with The Cult of Lee and all day at WrestleCon with Eli and Matt Sydal, it is almost time for the VIP Event for IMPACT Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground! From 8PM to 9PM we will see our first look at IMPACT Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground with the Pre-Show for the event that we have been waiting for!

Then we spend an hour with the stars and the fans who will be sitting ringside and all of you on Twitch of course! Find out what happens at an IMPACT live event and what happens when you purchase a VIP ticket to one of our events.

It doesn’t end there! The clock may read 12:30AM ET, but we still have more to do! When IMPACT Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground is over, it is time for the post show! Oh and part of the post show might be in the car.