IMPACT Wrestling: The Five Superstars Who Are the Future of TNA

TNA has a lot of untapped potential within their roster. With veterans who are ready to train their talents, TNA has a bright future ahead of them. While they have AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Sting, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries carrying the company at the moment, it’s about time that TNA begin to create more main event talent, since the young stars are the ones who are going to direct TNA towards a happy and successful future. For that to happen, the wrestlers should have apt promo skills, a good set of maneuvers, and a breathtaking and impressive finisher.

The five talents below have all the three prospects, or have something they need to work upon to become a successful star, and have the ability to carry their company to the next level. So, in my opinion, here are five wrestlers who are TNA’s future.

  • IMPACT Wrestling (Total Nonstop Action)


With an intense look on his face, Gunner is one of the strongest athletes on the roster. With an impressive look, a brilliant finisher, and more than average promo skills, Gunner is a star with a lot of potential that helps him positively. He might be fun to hang out with outside the ring, but when the bell rings, it’s all about domination.

Teaming with Kid Kash currently, Gunner has a lot of talent and is rightfully deserving of a world title match sooner or later. Last year, he was on the cusp of winning the BFG series, but ultimately lost. This year, he might be the standout competitor everyone’s looking for.

Chavo Guerrero

From the Guerrero family, let’s introduce you to one of the best high flyers in pro wrestling today, Chavo Guerrero! He brings energy with him, and you can see the passion in his eyes as he makes his way to the ring. He might be short, but he covers that up with his leaping and diving ability. The Guerrero family has been one of the best wrestling families in the world, and Chavo lives up the Guerrero tradition with his persona.

Tagging with the Super Mex Hernandez, Chavo can be a min player for TNA in the future, and it might just happen sooner than we expect. Chavo is on the road to win the X Division title, and maybe then, he can set his sights on the World Heavyweight Championship.

Kenny King

TNA’s resident high flyer, and ROH’s former mega-star, Kenny King has recently signed a contract with TNA Wrestling. A talented black man, King has the potential and the skills with him. King has already competed in two TNA PPVs, and has already impressed the viewers.

He has pinned the X Division champion once, but has failed to win the title. We never know, by Bound for Glory, King might be our next X Division champion, and he might be the king of the world!

Sonjay Dutt

Oh, my, my. The main from India, with the best finisher in the world today, is not even on TV? What a disgrace. Sonjay Dutt is one of the best X Division talents right now, and has successfully performed for TNA in the past. With the look and the skill, Dutt easily can be an X Division, or the TV champion. He’s got the fans’ support.

Dutt has also previously worked in Ring Ka King, and is one of the most experienced talents on the roster. With his beautiful finisher and his amazing moves, he is going to be a mega-star in the business.

Zema Ion

The current X-Division champion, Zema Ion, has been one of the most improved talents in wrestling today. With a flashy attire, and a simple offense, Zema captivates his fans and critics with his moves. After being a corny face, he, unintentionally, injured Jesse Sorenson and broke his neck, to the dismay of many wrestling fans. TNA gave Zema the ball at that moment, and ran with it.

He became a jackass heel that no one liked, and the fans dug him, and booed him every day. He was the guy we loved to hate, and he quickly transformed into a mischievous, yet crazy heel. He quickly became the X Division champion, and currently, he is on top of the world.

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