Impact Wrestling: The Top 5 Challengers For Roode’s World Title

Right now, Bobby Roode is the man in Impact Wrestling. He is the World Heavyweight champion, which usually stands for being the best in your promotion. He has defeated mainly everyone there is to be defeated, and he has no competition at the top.

But, as they say, it’s easy to be on the top, but it’s harder to stay on the top. Even though Rob Van Dam is the number one contender to the world title at the moment, I feel that Bobby will win that match at Sacrifice.

Who will the next five contenders be? Who will be the next five wrestlers to face, and even win, against Bobby Roode. Well, look no further, as I have made a list of five athletes who can be your next world heavyweight champion. Let’s begin!

Note: RVD is not mentioned in this list, since he already is the number one contender to the world title.

Honorable mentions:

  • The Pope
  • Devon
  • Christopher Daniels
  • Kazarian
  • Austin Aries
  • Kurt Angle

#5: Ken Anderson

Ladies and assholes, assholes and gentlemen, introducing at number five on the list, is Mr… Anderson! Mr Anderson has just returned after a long vacation, and is hungry for world title success.

Anderson returned and became a face, as he joined forces to face Kazarian and Daniels. Now, Anderson competes in random number one contender matches, and tag team title matches. What better way to make him a major player in Impact Wrestling other than to make him world champ?

Anderson has had a few title reigns below his belt, but those have been either very short, or the reigns have been ignored. Well, now is Anderson’s time to shine, and get a world title match.

#4: Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has spent the major part of 2012 having mediocre matches, after having a miraculous return to Impact after Victory Road. He has had a great feud with Kurt Angle, but since that has ended, Hardy has nothing else to do.

Hardy is a great talent, and he has had a massive crowd support. Yet, he is losing to the likes of Magnus and Samoa Joe now. There’s no other way to get Hardy on top other than a world title shot.

Hardy can be the face of Impact Wrestling, like he was in the past, if he is given the opportunity. Well, this is the perfect opportunity. If Jeff Hardy becomes the number one contender, and possibly even the world champ, things will be good for him, and TNA, as a whole.

#3: Bully Ray

The most dominant heel in Impact Wrestling at the moment. Actually, I’d like to rephrase that. The most impressive heel in Impact Wrestling, Bully Ray, has lurked in the shadows for too long. After “carrying” Devon for fifteen years, Ray is finally his own man now.

He has impressed everyone with his gimmick, and also his calves, but that’s another issue, for another day. Bully has become a changed man these days, as his mic skills and his wrestling ability has shined through his feuds.

Right now, his mini-feud with Austin Aries is doing wonders for Aries. After that feud, what will happen in the career of Bully Ray? Hint: make him the world heavyweight champion, or even make him the number one contender.

Make him look like an anti-hero, who doesn’t care if his opponent is a face or a heel, he just wants to destroy his competition, and win the match. After going through most of the roster, he can get a world title shot, and decimate Roode to become the world heavyweight champ.

Ray has the potential to carry the company on his shoulders, and a world title reign should be awarded to Calf-zilla.

#2: James Storm

One half of the former tag team Beer Money, James Storm has recently had a world title match, but lost to Roode, who was ironically his tag team partner. After that loss, Storm appeared for one promo before vanishing.

What is next for Storm now? A feud with another heel? In all honesty, that would not work at all. James Storm was so close at winning the world title, and it seems logical that he gets another shot, but this time, he wins.

This move not only is logical, but will be entertaining. Storm has had a joke of a title reign, and hopefully, after another shot, Storm gets a long and eventful reign as champion. Storm, like Ray, can carry the title, and the brand on his own shoulders, and after working in TNA for so long, a title reign for Storm is much deserved.

But, there’s one more guy who deserves this much more than any of the last four wrestlers. The next wrestler is truly phenomenal.

#1: AJ Styles

AJ Styles is the rightful “face” of Impact Wrestling. Unfortunately, this year, AJ Styles is de-promoted to feuds of low/no importance with Kazarian and Daniels. That needs to change. That needs to change quick.

AJ Styles is TNA’s Chris Jericho. One day, he can lose to a guy like Gunner, and then the next, he can become the world champ, and no one will doubt him. That’s talent; and AJ has loads of that. AJ has been toiling in the mid card for too long. It has to be AJ’s opportunity now, to win the world champion once again, and be the “phenomenal” AJ Styles he used to be.

Let AJ defeat Roode to become the TNA world champion. If TNA makes the move, it will benefit them, as AJ being he champ can create new feuds, and also have good matches with every single person he feuds with. So, all I’m saying is, Hogan wants change in TNA? The biggest, and the most beneficial, change would be that AJ Styles becomes your champion, again.

Overall, Impact Wrestling has a great roster full of talented wrestlers, all they need to do is capitalize on this, and provide us with entertaining shows every Thursday. Right now, the condition of Impact looks really good, as their recent shows have been much better from the year 2010, where nothing seemingly went right for them.

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