In This Very Ring – The Rise Of The Rhodes Family Is The Best Thing In Wrestling

First off, I’d like to welcome you to the inaugural edition of “In This Very Ring,” a column in which I will share my musings on pro wrestling as I see it. What you’ll see here is a combination of rants, raves and everything in between. And of course, feedback will always be welcomed via the comments below or at my twitter account (@TheVicDiaz). That said, let’s get things rolling!

In the world of professional wrestling, we are always displeased with what we see on TV. The IWC is always quick to judge the quality of a storyline or an angle, picking it apart like hyenas at the corpse of a dead animal. But how often do we focus on the good stuff? Let this be a healthy start.

A lot of people (myself included) have groaned at the recent happenings of this current “Corporation 2.0” angle, calling out the typical makings of the “been there, done that” category. However, just like in any other pile of crap, there’s always that nugget of gold that sticks out; or in this case, Goldust.

That’s right, Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes, along with his brother Cody have actually given us something worth watching amongst the mess that is the tyrannical rise of Triple H, the abeyance of the most prized title in wrestling and a 7-foot giant doing his best Jimmy Swaggart impression every week. The returns of the sons of the son of a plumber have excited fans, providing us with the ideal combination nostalgia and freshness. For years, Dustin’s character was seen as the original “Charismatic Enigma” and was never taken seriously by WWE upper brass. Now, we get to see him for who he really is: The Natural. Despite the facepaint and gold jumpsuits still being present, there are no abnormalities in the Goldust gimmick anymore; no stutters, no androgynous characteristics, nothing comedic whatsoever. At last, the guy that once gave Ahmed Johnson mouth-to-mouth resuscitation can be taken seriously.

Cody, the youngest of the two, has yet to truly establish himself as a main-event player in WWE, always fitting in the mid-card role and always being a stone’s throw away from a world championship. By pairing him up with his older, more experienced brother, the time for the man formerly known as “Dashing” has come to set his name as a mainstay in the company.

What we could see within the next few months is a fan’s dream come true. Two brothers who have established themselves as successful singles stars have finally teamed up and can revitalize not only the tag team division, but WWE altogether. Amid all the confusion we are seeing, this is something that can still pique our interest and keep us intrigued.

The story of the Rhodes family has yet to finish, so this is the time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

And, of course, it is time to remember the name: [inhales]…Rhodes.

  • Pat

    Sorry but I just dont care much for the Rhodes family. Dusty Rhodes was nothing but an annoying fat turd and I never liked Gold dust. Cody is ok but he is no main event player. The booking right now is the worst its ever been so most likely the Rhodes will be buried soon enough.

    • RickRockis

      And the Rhodes family doesn’t care much for you, ya annoying fat turd.

  • insaner

    The tag team division is a piece of trash for the last few years and the Rhodes being a tag team could be a big help in that division

  • tobimobi

    Of course the booking is the worst you are probably a grown man watching kids entertainment being upset because it doesn’t blow your mind like it did when you where a kid. Expecting wwe to start targeting your age group will keep you disappointed the rest of your life. Take wrestling for what it is and then you might be happier with the product.

  • tobimobi

    And of topic. Why have they completely destroyed the layout of my discuss section.

    • Deep Pockits

      Simple….because they don’t like you.

      • tobimobi

        Haha good one. I guess you’re right.