Inactive WWE Wrestler Turns 40-Years-Old, How Many WWE Wrestlers Are Over 40?

Infrequently seen WWE Superstar Christian celebrates a milestone birthday Saturday as he turns 40-years-old. The six-time world champion was sidelined in August due to a concussion, which according to this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he has yet to fully recover from. However, he is expected to return to action in early December.

Christian is the sixth wrestler to join “The 40 Club” since the beginning of 2012, boosting the WWE main roster total to twelve. The complete list is as follows:

* Big Show – 41

* Christian – 40

* Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – 41

* Goldust – 44

* Kane – 46

* Mark Henry – 42

* R-Truth – 41

* Tensai – 41

* The Great Khali – 41

* Triple H – 44

* Undertaker – 48

* William Regal – 45

It should be noted that there is no active WWE wrestler in his fifties.

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  • Geoff

    R-Truth is 41?!?!

  • SebK

    Yup, R-Truth is 41. But it’s ridiculous that The Rock counts as “part of the main roster”.

  • OldTimers

    Man, Kame is 46? Amazing how well he has been able to stay healthy and at a consistent level all his career. Plus Goldust might have only just started, but even at 46 he’s competing at a level higher than half of the roster.