Indy Star Impresses WWE Officials, WWE Focusing On TV Product

– We noted before that independent wrestler Ricky Reyes received a WWE tryout at last week’s tapings. He was also one of the wrestlers who got squashed by Ryback on SmackDown last week.

There were a lot of people backstage talking about Reyes and how good he was. Reyes had a 15 or 20 minute tryout match, before the tapings, with Tyson Kidd that blew everyone away. William Regal was putting Reyes over big time to WWE officials. No word yet if he will be offered a contract but there were a lot of people in the company impressed with him.

– WWE’s new primary goal is TV ratings and their various TV products. The change in direction has been in the making for some time now and comes straight from Vince McMahon.

In the past, pay-per-view has been WWE’s #1 goal but that’s no longer the case. One of the main ideas now is to use pay-per-view events to bring in viewers to WWE’s weekly TV shows.