Internal Reaction To Ted DiBiase’s WWE Departure, Talk About Why He Left On His Own

The news that Ted DiBiase Jr. is leaving WWE did not come as much of a surprise internally and wasn’t met with much reaction, seen as just a “shrug” to some. Apparently DiBiase had talked privately among some of his co-workers about leaving as of late.

It’s said that DiBiase realized he was stuck in a position on the bottom of the ladder, on the road every week but not being booked. DiBiase felt that if he left on his own, people in WWE might respect him more and one day if they want him for something, he could come back and mean something.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • SushiDance

    Sucks. They could have did way more with him.

  • Jay Ciaravino

    I don’t understand why this guy never gets booked, but guys like Jack Swagger and Heath Slater are on tv every week. It’s no wonder the ratings have been down.

    • John Janecek

      Swagger’s ‘We The People’ is wearing thin as is ‘3MB’ & ‘Fandango’ ! Three brain dead adventures into minimal entertainment. DiBiase deserves better than what he was receiving from the WWE.

    • ШШƐƬƝΑƒɑɳ® Rise Above Hate

      Slater is a good wrestler, too.

      • Jay Ciaravino

        Being a good wrestler, and getting over with the crowd are two different things.

        • ШШƐƬƝΑƒɑɳ® Rise Above Hate

          He is over though. A week ago on Raw, when they faced the Usos, fans were cheering for 3MB. Of course, he was more over with his one man band gimmick.

  • Patriot

    We the People is still great, wish DiBiase could have been used more too

  • tony818

    Randy orton sucks