Internal Reaction To The Idea Of WWE Going Private, Why They Like Being A Public Company

There’s been a lot of chatter online about WWE going private after the recent stock troubles. This has been brought up within WWE in the past and there was a negative reaction to the idea.

The feeling is that being a public company makes them more respectable, makes them more legitimate and gives pro wrestling a better mainstream look.


  • SemajTheSellout

    awww man. I wish I could write this storyline of them going private again. I could see the anger and venom the authority could have to go back to the attitude era using HHH as an even bigger monster heel. Pushing guys to get more extreme, of course while keeping with the chairshot rules and head injury precautions. Bringing back some slightly more provocative storylines, maybe a little language. Not that they have to go back to the times when HBK was gesturing BJs but meeting somewhere in the middle. I’m not sold on Ambroses striking force, but other than that he would be a GOD if this would happen.

    And it could all be blamed on the skiddish stockholders holding them back from being the monsters and gladiators they truly are. But, as they said, Vince wants to keep up appearances. -__- . Oh well. I still love the business that has kept me watching since 123 Kid was upsetting the big guys.