Internet Interest In The Undertaker, The Rock’s “Hercules” Film, This Year’s WWE SummerSlam

– As far as interest levels on the internet for the characters involved in WrestleMania XXX this year on the day after the show, Undertaker blew away everyone involved, with triple the level of interest of Brock Lesnar, six times the interest of Daniel Bryan and ten times the interest of John Cena.

– The Rock’s new film, “Hercules,” is scheduled for a July 24th release in Australia. The United States release is scheduled for July 25th.

– UFC will be running their UFC 176 pay-per-view on August 2nd at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California with a show headlined by Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes for the UFC Featherweight Championship. While the event will take place in the same venue two weeks before WWE SummerSlam, it won’t hurt WWE business because SummerSlam is already sold out.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)