Internet Wrestling Fans Respond To Eric Bischoff’s Rant

Here are some fan responses to Eric Bischoff’s latest rant on the internet fanbase:

Stephmartinb: @EBischoff don’t listen to all the haters and their bs! You obviously know what ur doing. You’ve been on top b4. You’ll be back in no time!

trtx84: @EBischoff So you declare “Wrestling Matters” to attract IWCers mad at WWE, then call them irrelevant? Shoot yourself in the foot much?

littlebucko: @EBischoff Irrelevant? Uh, that’s funny coming from a guy who’s been irrelevant for over ten years. On top of that, when you WERE relevant, your success was due to Ted Turner’s checkbook. Even then, you couldn’t win.#WCW01=TNA11

ztj_wwf: @EBischoff Without the support of the IWC over the years, TNA would not have gotten to be where it is today. You should not alienate any of your fan base, especially some of the most dedicated ones. We all know TNA cannot afford to do so. And by insulting the IWC, aren’t you pretty much insulting every single follower you have here on Twitter? That’s nice!

4DFK: @EBischoff Insulting all the fans who don’t like you, dismissing them like they don’t matter. Great way to shut the haters up. Nice job. EVERY fan matters. Even the ones who don’t care to see yet another 20 minute Hogan/Bischoff love fest promo. See, when you blatantly insult the fans like that, it really makes me want to NOT watch iMPACT anymore. Exercize a little tact.

TheMacho_Moose: @EBischoff umm… The “Loudest 10%” are you kidding me? The Ratings don’t lie, you and Hulk drove over 50% of #TNA’s fans away in 2010. Now the proof is in the Ratings,that “fact doesnt lie&” :TNA’s numbers are no better than before you & @HulkHogan4Real came to #TNA. So we’re supposed to take you seriously running a company when you haven’t learned from history? At least some fans stand up for what they believe in,and it obviously isnt TNA since January 2010. How much of the 10% spoke negatively about TNA before? Like 1% so you have no room to talk about Ratings dough-brain. You have no idea how to keep steady viewers. Stop focusing on the numbers and focus on the product your shitting out, because its at an all time low and those who don’t go on the internet would agree. if ur product was so great and “90%” of the fans love it, then wouldnt Ratings go up?For every set of eyes u draw to TNA,u lose a set AND THATS THE FACTS BISCH!! So stop hating on the internet fans,if you didnt want us,you wouldnt advertise #TNA on Twitter asshat.

Hanzi83: @EBischoff u make fun of the internet wrestling fans.. and i bet u they are the only reason tna is even covered.. otherwise noone cares. all u have to do is point to the last year of wcw and show how u and russo lost 65 million for the company.. u and russo keep trying to be what wwe is.. but u fail miserably and one day roh will overtake u guys. wrestling matters my ass.. and the booking is horrible.. and explain how ur lower card talent and women get paid shit.

HerrWichtig: @EBischoff If you are on the right road- why is there still a 1.1 rating like before? Isn´t the customer always right?

Mzrc10: @EBischoff LOL. Too bad the other 90% is too stupid to know what irrelevant even means. Otherwise your stat would be the other way around.

MatBurnz: Only @EBischoff would see a 1.5 rating for a segment featuring a guy who doesn’t wrestle a good time to gloat and shit on his audience.

Alexx_Raven: Every wrestling fan should be relevant. @EBischoff.

RatedMKD: OK, @ebischoff. You’re right, ratings don’t lie. They’re about the same as they were before you and Hogan joined. GTFO.

TheLou52: @EBischoff so you’re on the internet talking shit about the IWC. ironic or moronic? no wonder TNA sucks so much ass

WWFRAWISWAR: In 2006 TNA went to 2 hours debut show drew a 1.1 Rating last week TNA Drew a 1.2 Rating HUGE CHANGE RIGHT ?

MWF2001: @EBischoff w/ all due respect the 90% that enjoy won’t spend $ on PPVs or events. I work in cable the 10k PPV buys on par w/ 2005 & no stars

flitzy: @EBischoff How’s that 1.2 rating working out for you with that attitude?

Alexx_Raven: When people aren’t suing TNA, the KOs are being paid, theres more than 20 mins of wrestling and ratings are over 2.0 then @EBischoff can talk.

JordanGoins: in about 12 hours @EBischoff will claim he got hacked.

KyleMinix: If @EBischoff and TNA focused on giving us wrestling instead of covering up shady shit by employees they might get over a 1.0

FredCasden: @EBischoff Research also shows that we’ve seen all your tricks before and that they were good 15 years ago but aren’t as good now. Research shows that you’d be better off getting more shows on VH1 instead of throwing a hissy fit when us fans prove you wrong

enigma_alex: @EBischoff is an argument to be had that ratings equate to appealing to the lowest common denominator #qualityvsquantity

4wrestling81: If people don`t like Impact Wrestling just don`t watch it and stop bitching @EBischoff . He knows the business more than any of you geeks!

HardcoreHoppy75: @EBischoff I would rather be in the 10% that you don’t care about then be apart of the 90% who spends all day kissing your ass

Naythan93: @EBischoff They’re just so far up other companies asses that they cant see good programming when its staring directly at them.