J.R. On Sting & Angle Appearing For WWE, HBK Returning To TV

Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on his official website. Highlights are as follows:

Thoughts on Curt Hennig nine years after his passing: “Thoughts on the late, Curt Hennig?” Obviously, he died too soon. I loved being around him. He was the life of the party and made everyone laugh. Loved his approach to life as in making every day fun and, granted, some days he had too much fun. I’ve never worked with anyone more ‘natural’ than Curt Hennig as he had ‘it’ early on and just got better until a bad back curtailed his magnificent career. I’ve been around very few, as in one hand, that could wrestle as well as Curt, hero or villain, talk/promo as well as he could, manage, AND broadcast at the level he did without little training or preparation. Only Bobby Heenan comes to mind. Taking Mr. Perfect’s total skill set into consideration, I’d confidently say that Curt Hennig was one of the top 5 all around talents ever in the business taking into consideration the aforementioned areas of expertise.

The chances of Kurt Angle or Sting appearing for WWE: ”Do I think that we will ever see Kurt Angle or Sting in a WWE ring?” Interesting question that only the talents themselves and WWE management can answer. Just a guess but I’d say not likely. Could I see both going into the WWE HOF? Without question. Could I see WWE doing a comprehensive DVD on both? Seems like a layup. Is it impossible that they ‘could’ have a final bout in WWE at a future Wrestlemania? Any thing is possible and WrestleMania is the only place to stage such an attraction in my view but that seems like a long shot.”

Shawn Michaels returning to television: “Why does it seem that HBK is coming back to WWE just in time for WrestleMania?” Easy…to sell PPVs. @ShawnMichaels is Mr Wrestlemania so why wouldn’t one have the WWE HOF’er involved at this time of the year? HBK has more than a vested interest in the seemingly pending HHH vs. Undertaker issue. Who better to address both men than Shawn Michaels? Plus, he adds star power to Raw and he’s still one of the biggest stars WWE to which has access. HBK is a natural born Show Stealer….remember that as time goes on. That’s all I’m gonna say on that topic for now but ‘stay tuned’ to Monday Night Raw.”

Ross also weighs in on the toughest wrestler ever, the best match ever, who’s ready to be promoted from Florida Championship Wrestling and more. His post is available here.

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