Jake Roberts Reacts To Missing The Royal Rumble, How WWE Is Touting The Rumble, Daniel Bryan

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts tweeted the following about not being in Sunday night’s Royal Rumble match:

– Despite the bad reaction to Sunday night’s pay-per-view, WWE is touting it as the most epic Royal Rumble in years.

– It’s worth noting that WWE made no mention of the Daniel Bryan chants or boos during any of their Royal Rumble recaps on WWE.com.

  • James Humwood

    Ya haha wwe is dumb how long can they deny what their fans want Batista vs Orton is gonna get the Goldberg and lesnar treatment xD

    • Hosep

      Its not even that people hate Batista, fans can just clearly see how undeserving this situation is. He walks in after 4 years, wins the rumble and gets to headline mania? Regardless, I agree and pray that it is not the main event (though it likely will be) because WM will end just like the rumble did…booooooooooooooo

      • David Garcia

        Well my read is very different. I see a loud, vocal, impatient and demanding Bryan fan base who will find anyway to justify those demands and will dump on everybody except a select few until they get what they want…and I’m a Bryan fan…but a patient one.

        My point being that I think it’s very hard to really interpret an audience reaction, much like it’s a pretty big leap to extrapolate anything from a live crowd as representative of the larger audience. Are those fans devoted enough to drop a a couple grand traveling and going to Mania really representative of what WWE claims is 64 million households containing a WWE fan? Maybe…but if the average for non-Mania PPV is around 200K buys and Mania does around 1 million, then I think the 200K are the devoted fan who goes to the live shows and demand Bryan be champ, while the 800K that show up for Mania might like Bryan…and Cena and Mysterio and Batista.

        I would imagine WWE does a ton of market survey research…which they don’t share with us..to determine what the larger audience will pay to see, while knowing the hardcore fan will complain about it…yet still keep watching.

        • George Solorio

          Probably the smartest thing anyone on any social media site has ever said. WWE caters to the casual fan who doesnt know what a “push” “burial” “pop” means. And lets not forget that Batista is gonna be a major star in a summer marvel movie.

          • David Garcia

            Thanks man. You know it’s not a coincidence that WWE books stadiums a year or two out for Mania. They know they have a large enough hardcore fanbase that will fill that stadium no matter what. Their real concern is getting the money from those who are only motivated enough to press the “buy” button on their remote…and this year the concern is even bigger as they need those 800K fans to change that behavior and buy a network subscription instead and keep renewing every six months.

  • Harps Starkz

    Good on you jake the snake