Jake Roberts Takes Aim At Mark Henry For Recent Comments About Former WWE Superstar

As heard in the audio below, Mark Henry discussed the Kizarny character with comedian Jay Mohr in an interview that we covered earlier this year. Nick Cvjetkovich (Sinn Bodhi), the man behind the Kizarny gimmick, has taken offense to those comments as has WWE Legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts. During the “Battle for Christmas” with Henry vs. Damien Sandow on last week’s RAW, Jake tweeted:

Kizarny replied:

Jake replied and said he’s not done with Henry yet:

A fan asked what brought this on and Jake replied:

Finally, Henry chimed in on the Twitter thread and defended his comments:

  • smark calloway

    it was hardly a burial . henry was bad mouthing the character kizarny , not the man behind the character -Nick Cvjetkovich. ..some wrestlers need to get a tougher skin and not take things too personally . unless jake and nick are just using the incident to get some publicity ( which is probably the case ) . but henry did get something wrong though . ‘zarny did make a few tv appearances on smackdown if i remember correctly

    • Tommy Gallegos

      I thought so myself that he did make a few appearances.