Jake “The Snake” Roberts Comments On His WWE Future, Jim Ross On Jake In The Rumble

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts was asked if we will see him back in WWE. Jake replied:

– Jim Ross also commented on Jake’s future in his latest Q&A update on jrsbarbq.com:

“I know that Jake is lobbying for inclusion in the Royal Rumble. I hope that he makes it. I don’t know how close he is to being in ring shape.”

  • LGFFan

    even if Jake is not 100% in the ring i could not care. for almost one year now that has been a goal he has kept in his mind and a target for him to stay positive on a comeback, as we have already seen already WWE sure as hell is right behind him now again and i’m so proud of him, i have followed his ups and downs during the past year of this entire rehab and pulling himself back together with the help of ddp, scott and others. wether he gets a rumble spot or not, he has already been the main face for old school raw and if you ask me there should be slight possibility of him entering 2014 HOF, proud rant over.

  • My Buddy Skip

    Love Jake Roberts! Best character ever.. I marked out on old school raw and haven’t done that in a LONG time..