James On Bringing Back Alexis Laree, Moore Accepting Bookings

— Shannon Moore announced on Twitter that he’s accepting bookings for independent wrestling dates. He wrote, “Yes I’m taking 3rd party bookings Gaschamberinktattoo@gmail.com.”

Moore’s TNA ring time has been drastically reduced since Jesse Neal opted to part ways with the organization in December.

— Mickie James has posted her latest edition of For What It’s Worth, a section on MickieJames.com where fans can ask her questions. She is asked whether she would consider bringing back her pre-WWE persona, Alexis Laree, for one night.

She responds, “HAHA… I highly doubt it! Perhaps for fun… or for Charity… But the truth is Mickie James & Alexis Laree were always one in the same. I’m much more confident in myself and in my own skin now than I was then. Before I knew, I knew nothing at all… that is the knowledge of the day…”

James also comments on how she copes with traveling on the road so much. To read her answer, click here.

*Photos* of Mickie James’ revealing Valentine’s Day outfit