James Storm Heading Into The Impact Hall of Fame, Smith Hart Now In Hospice Care (Photo)

– James Storm is set to be this year’s inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. An announcement on social media read:

“James Storm has had a storied career, Storm has accomplished more than almost anyone on the roster! However, The Cowboy isn’t done and isn’t thinking about his Hall of Fame induction. #Slamm15”

Here is a video that TNA posted with comments from Storm about the Hall of Fame:

– Smith Hart, the eldest child of Stu and Helen Hart, wrote on Facebook that he has entered Hospice care. Hart has been battling terminal prostate cancer in recent months. Here is what he wrote:

“I am now more comfortable after being moved into Hospice care. I would like to end any strife or suffering I have been involved with over my life. To anyone and everyone, cherish the moments you have in this world. Do not waste your time with hate or anger. To anyone I have offended, mistreated or been at odds with, please accept my humblest of apologies. While I may not have always been everyone’s cup of tea, I always did my best to be the person I was most inspired by, my father. I would also like to thank my dear friend Carl Leduc, for making the visit from Montreal to come see me. It meant the world and I really like the new phone.”

Our thoughts are with Smith and his family/friends at this time.

  • AllHailKingKurt .

    I’m confused, the article says James storm is going into the hall of fame, the video storm says he isn’t ready because he isn’t done with wrestling, and acts like he isn’t going in.

  • Straight_Edge89

    Its so dumb how TNA put in wrestlers that are STILL wrestling for them, you’re supposed to put people in the HOF after their career is over, and its them getting honored for their entire career.

    Lol and whats so bush league and cheap about theirs is they give them their own special Hall Of Famer custom t shirt! Lol Angle actually wore that dumb shirt around every week after he went in.