James Storm Responds To Report Saying He’s “Too Southern”

— Eric Bischoff praised Bully Ray on Facebook after watching his performance on this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

He wrote, “Watched this weeks version of IMPACT for edit notes at 3 am this morning. IMO Bully Ray is emerging as one or the top talents in the business today. Flawless.”

Ray faces Jeff Hardy on the show that will air Thursday.

— James Storm has responded to an online report stating that some people within TNA Wrestling consider him “too southern” to represent the organization as World Heavyweight Champion.

He tweeted Tuesday, “I think it’s awesome that I’m to “southern”. It makes me….ME. So to the people who don’t like it… Sorry about you damn luck. And a little FYI it’s not to southern, it’s to redneck and the are beer drinking rednecks all over THE WORLD not just the south.”

*PHOTO* James Storm and his wife