James Storm Talks About Being A Heel, Six-Sided Ring, His Toughest Opponents & More

The UK’s Sportsvibe recently interviewed James Storm. In the video below Storm speaks on preferring to work as a heel, his toughest opponent and his preference the four-sided ring over the six-sided ring.

Working as a heel: “I prefer to be the heel. I always say it’s easier to piss somebody off than it is to makes somebody happy.”

Return of the six-sided ring: “I’m not really in for it because it hurts a lot more than the four sided ring. A wrestlers career, they only have so many bumps in their body so to me it should be brought back for one maybe two pay-per-views a year to make that pay-per-view special. Maybe Destination-X or Slammiversary because you give it three or four months and it’s not going to be special anymore.”