Jay Lethal Talks About Going To WWE, Savage, Destination X

Recap of Jay Lethal’s appearance on Online World of Wrestling Radio, available at WildTalkRadio.com.

On the possibility of joining WWE: “I would say yes, Only because I can honestly say that anyone that is a pro wrestler in my generation you became a pro wrestler because of one reason and one reason only and thats because of WWE. ECW was big WCW was big but I think for my generation it was WWE that made you want to become a professional wrestler and why would you not want to get a chance to work for the company that made you love this business, so I would have to say yes.”

On speaking with Randy Savage for the first time and what Randy Savage thought of the impression: “The first conversation we had lasted for five minutes. It was a three way call because I did not believe that it was it was really the macho man, as the guy was trying to get me to believe it was really him. He told me he liked the stuff, he didnt see it on TV, but saw it on youtube, I didnt think I offended him, I think I annoyed him, as this fan was calling him, as I am a fan of Macho Man, its very weird to have a fan call you, just to talk.”

On the famous promo with Ric Flair on Impact: “After the segment, I got to the locker room first and I was so nervous that my hands were numb and I was waiting for Flair to come back through the curtain, cause I didnt know what he thought of it, I dont know if he thought it was good, before flair came back everyone was applauding because they liked it, I thought they just thought it was funny, but when Ric Flair came back through the curtain he had the biggest smile that I have ever seen in my life, I walked up to him and hugged and then I knew it was okay.”

On who he thinks made the decision to release him from his TNA Contract: “I don’t know who makes the decision, but I can only speculate that it came from dixie carter herself, as the owner of the company, it had to go through to her at some point. All I know is that at some point as the owner of the company, in time it has to come through you.”

On receiving the phone call about his release: “I was called by Head of Relations Terry Taylor while at a baseball game. I should have seen it coming, as I hadn’t been on TV in five months. It wasn’t like, ‘Hey, Jay Lethal, you messed up, I honestly believe it was we have nothing for you. We kept you long enough with getting paid, its just now time to clean up and make some cuts.’”

On being apart of TNA Destination X: “I was originally was suppose to be apart of the Destination X PPV, even before I was release. After I was released, I was also scheduled to be apart of it, but that fell through.”

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