JBL Blogs On His Memorable Feud With Eddie Guerrero

Former WWE star John “Bradshaw” Layfield has posted a new blog on his Facebook page, recalling the memorable feud he had with Eddie Guerrero several years ago. Below is an excerpt from the blog, and you can read it entirely by clicking on the above link:

“I could never have had the run I had without the ‘feud’ with Eddie. We had near riots in the southwest when we wrestled, including the best when I needed a police escort out of El Paso.

The idea for Eddie’s mom to have a heart attack on mother’s day was all Eddie’s. No one saw it coming. Eddie had been busted open that day by an errant fist-as had I, I think mine was called a ‘receipt’, ha. All this added to the drama.

The lead up to this should have been filmed. Eddie, Chavo Sr and I were sitting in a dressing room thinking up this idea when Chavo, jokingly, said that Mrs Guerrero should take a big boot from me. Eddie got mad that Chavo would even joke about it, so Chavo took it one further. Chavo then said that Mrs Guerrero should pack a blade and juice! Eddie and Chavo almost got into a fight over this, it was hilarious.

Needless to say when working with Guerreros it went perfect. Eddie’s mom went down and I was holding her-though making it look like I was threatening her-and it looked so real the crowd went completely silent-I mean completely silent, it was eerie.”