JBL Comments On Going To WWE Headquarters On Monday

As noted before, JBL was at WWE headquarters yesterday doing some work. JBL says he was doing mostly work for his Seven Summits project but was also doing filming for upcoming WWE specials and DVD’s.

JBL wrote the following on Facebook yesterday about his future with WWE and the Seven Summits project:

“Did hours of TV today for future shows, mainly stuff for Seven Sumits but also some specials/DVD type stuff. For those asking, if I am alive and make this mountain-yes, I would expect to be on WWE TV, but there are NO plans by me or them. It was all focused on this mountain and the tech I need to transmit pics and videos back for the social pages. I do expect to be on WWE TV in the future but no idea the role and they don’t know either. Maybe it is just a cameo or a spot to promote the Seven Summits for Kids-who knows? I know I have a huge mountain waiting on me in Russia that 15-30 people a year die on according to Wikipedia, so my focus is on me getting my old self up and down this mountain and raising money for the kids I work with. Then we will see about WWE and they will have a chance to see what they want me to do.”