JBL Congratulates Ron Simmons For His Hall Of Fame Induction

– JBL wrote the following on Twitter about former tag team partner and longtime friend Ron Simmons going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year:

“Words can’t describe how happy I am about my best friend and former tag team partner Ron Simmons going into HOF! Well deserved, CONGRATS!”

JBL then wrote this on Facebook when asked about who will induct Simmons:

“As far as who is inducting Ron into the HOF-I would consider one of my greatest lifetime honors if I am chosen. However, it hasn’t been announced-SO, if I knew who was I couldn’t say. And, if I don’t know I couldn’t say either obviously. So, I wait on the announcement like everyone else.”

“The main thing is not who is announcing or inducting Ron but that a great, great man is being put into the HOF-congrats to Ron, my best friend and former tag partner!!!”