JBL Talks About Mountain Climbing, Wrestling Again, WWE’s Hall Of Fame

Former WWE superstar JBL was recently interviewed by HollywoodLife.com and spoke about his Seven Summits Bermuda Challenge. Here are some highlights of what the self proclaimed Wrestling God said about:

Does The Danger Scare Him? “[No]. It might be stupidity or naïveté but I really don’t have a fear of dying on these mountains or even getting hurt. I am going with great guides who have done these mountains many times, a lot of people do get hurt and die on these mountains especially when you get to the harder mountains but it is not a false bravado, I just don’t really think, I just don’t think its going to happen! It obviously could, hopefully my wife would be upset, it would be a shame if she doesn’t [Laughter} but I am focused on climbing the mountain. Its like going into a wrestling match, are you really worried about getting hurt? Its not like the danger isn’t there, its all about doing what you can do, and that is where my focus is on.”

Wrestling One More Match: “I have zero and no desire for one more match. I mean you never say never, but I have no desire at all for one more match. WWE has never brought up one more match, so I don’t err see it happening. You never know, but I have no desire to have one! There certainly isn’t one in the cards, its something that I don’t care to do.”

Is He A Hall Of Fame Candidate?“I would be tremendously honored if the Hall of Fame knocked on my door, that would be the biggest career highlight a person could ever have to even have my name mentioned as a possibility is quite an honor considering the great superstars that are in there. That is a lifetime achievement that is phenomenal. That is completely out of my control, I hope someday somebody puts my name up and I hope I am not laughed out of the room. But I can’t control that, it would be a tremendous honor. Its not something I am expecting. There are plenty of great performers that should go ahead of me in the Hall as very well they should be.”

  • Kory Sanders

    Maybe JBL should get back in the ring, and that might help his chances in later on getting into the Hall of Fame. Stone cold and Vince McMahon we’re talking about needing more wrestlers in the ring. Well, he could get back in there for a couple years and that’ll help his career, and I think it would be pretty cool to see that giant, white longhorned, limo rolling rolling down the ramp again. Hell if not wrestle, then be WWE’S new General Manager, that just goes perfectly with the long limo and the cowboy hat and Lilian. I know if I could figure out a way to just get into the business, I would do anything and everything I could do get myself to the top, and I’m actually working on that, but I don’t know where to start or who to go to.