Jee-S And Thunder’s WWE Rundown 06/21/13

Jee-S’ WWE NXT REVIEW 06/19/13

Adrian Neville defeats Bray Wyatt by DQ when Luke Harper pushes Neville off the top rope. The Family beats down Neville until Corey Graves and Kassius Ohno make the save; Bray Wyatt escapes. Dusty Rhodes then sets up a six-man tag match for later tonight.

Thoughts: Had it been given a few more minutes, this match would’ve been pretty awesome. These two athletes are ready to be promoted to the main roster (Bray Wyatt and his Family already are) and there’s a reason for that; they can deliver solid matches. I guess we can understand why the match was cut short with the finish it had and I’m not complaining. I’m looking forward to this all-star 3-on-3 later on tonight!

Sami Zayn defeats Angelo Dawkins with the Tornado DDT.

Thoughts: Anything Sami Zayn is involved with turns into gold, but I have to give credit where credit is due: Angelo Dawkins made it that much better. The chemistry between he and Zayn was good and the flow of the match was very smooth and flawless. He seems to lack charisma and character but his in-ring skills are very respectable and hopefully we get to see more of him in the near future, in longer matches perhaps? Zayn getting the win here is all I can ask for; he’s coming back from a loss so making him look good once again makes all the sense in the world.

Leo Kruger’s amazingly creepy promo. LOVE IT!

Summer Rae defeats Sasha Banks with a reverse DDT into a leg drop.

Thoughts: I’m happy with the quality of this match but I’m even more happy that the crowd caught on the way it did. Summer Rae and Sasha Banks are two extraordinarily promising ladies; we got to witness a match between two divas who will probably be wrestling on the main roster in a few years. The Divas division has not looked this bright in years and I’m always excited to see NXT programming when they showcase the future of the division the way they do.

Xavier Woods defeats Jake Carter with a move he calls “Lost In The Woods”

Thoughts: Average match. I appreciate Xavier Woods and his colorful personality and impressive charisma; I think he can bring a lot to the table when it comes to babyfaces in the midcard scene. The chemistry between both of them was nothing special and neither was this match. Hopefully we see more of Woods now that he seems on his road to the top.

Interview with Sami Zayn calling out Antonio Cesaro/Garrett Dylan and Scott Dawson get a number one contender match for the tag team titles/Bo Dallas promo saying he’ll be there next week.

Thoughts: Cesaro vs. Zayn round 3? Please make that happen soon! I’m glad that the tag team division on NXT is getting depth with Dawson & Dylan getting more air time. And finally, I could not care less for Bo Dallas.

The Wyatt Family defeats Adrian Neville, Corey Graves and Kassius Ohno when Bray Wyatt pins Neville after missing the Corkscrew Shooting Star Press.

Thoughts: Great performance from everybody in this match. These six men should be feuding on the main roster if you ask me, and this is another example why. The unpredictability and the story this match told was very enjoyable and it is a perfect way to end this episode of NXT. I think Neville, Graves and Ohno are next to get called up by WWE management and they are making sure they are ready by facing a team that will debut soon. Time will tell.

Overall, I thought this was a very good NXT episode! Lots of good wrestling, the storylines have evolved and good promos were shown to us (especially that Kruger one).


The Shield defeat Justin Gabriel & The Usos when Dean Ambrose hits Justin Gabriel with the Dean Driver.

Thoughts: This was a very enjoyable match! It was a given that the Hounds of Justice would leave with the win, but I’m glad the high flyers gave them a run for their money. I’m also glad that these six-men had the perfect tool to put up a great match: time. Because this match was longer than you would expect, it had the power to captivate you and frankly, it captivated me. Good work from all of them and my opinion stays the same: Justin Gabriel and the Usos should definitely be higher up the card.

Antonio Cesaro defeats Sin Cara with the Neutralizer. Zeb Colter cut a promo putting over Cesaro.

Thoughts: Cesaro getting a win always puts a smile on my face. It’s not the first match we see between both of them and it entertains me pretty well every time. It was fun to watch this contrast of wrestling styles unfold and it kept me hooked from start to finish. I’m happy Antonio Cesaro is finally getting the build he deserves and I may shock some of you but I have to admit that I like this new alignment with Zeb Colter. If that’s what it takes to make him relevant, then why not put it in a faction? Maybe he and Jack Swagger can team up and be a threat in the tag team division? I guess we’ll have to sit back and enjoy this ride.

Kaitlyn defeats Aksana with a spear.

Thoughts: Well I guess this is what you would expect from these two; it was a very typical divas match. I don’t like Aksana wrestling, I don’t find her interesting in the ring and I’ve always thought she was better off as a manager. Kaitlyn had a great match with AJ at Payback and because of that, I feel like she is believable threat in the division, a good diva to build on its foundations and a great contender to the title. I’m excited for what it seems to be this rebirth of women’s wrestling in the WWE.

Overall, fairly good episode of Main Event: nothing stellar, as usual, but it was entertaining nonetheless. Thank you for reading me!

WWE Smackdown Analysis 06/21/13 by Joe Thunder

Daniel Bryan comes out to cut a promo. He says WWE stopped his match on Raw because they think he’s the weak link and not tough enough. Randy Orton interrupts and comes to the ring. Orton tells Dbry his continued efforts to fight made him respect him that much more on Raw. Dbry calls him a liar and they bicker. Dbry says he will shove all the respect down Orton’s throat tonight. Orton tells Dbry that he will hurt him tonight.

^I like Dbry’s intensity as usual, but what I liked even more about this promo was Randy Orton. He was highly believable as the dark angry face. He seemed more like a heel, but with the confidence of having the fan’s cheering to back up his words. This was an all around great segment to start the show.

Sheamus defeats Cody Rhodes with the Texas Cloverleaf in a competitive match. Damien Sandow attacks Sheamus after the match.

^Solid match, but nothing memorable. Interesting to see Sheamus bring back the cloverleaf. I like the continuation of his feud with Sandow, but something needs to be done to make it more interesting. The attacks have been done, and so have the in ring segments. How about a match where one guy gets a kayfabe injury? Oh wait…it’s been done to death lately. Just let these two wrestle and do something better with Rhodes. Let young Cody turn face and chase Dean Ambrose in a series of great matches over the US Title. Why not?

Yet another Wyatt Family promo is shown. Can I get a Ric Flair Wooooooo?

Curtis Axel goes one on one with Wade Barrett. The title is on the line and Miz is on commentary. Axel wins the match using the spinning neckbreaker. Miz jumps in the ring after the match and stands toe to toe with Axel. Paul Heyman convinces Axel to leave the ring.

^This match was highly physical and very enjoyable. I love what Axel being IC Champion has done for the prestige of the gold. His feud with Miz is something people will take notice of, and WWE cares enough to push the feud and make THE FANS care about it too. Way to go, WWE!

AJ Lee defeats Natalya with the black widow submission. Kaitlyn and Layla are shown backstage throughout the match watching on the monitor. Aksana walks up to Kaitlyn and taunts her, but Kaitlyn retaliates and attacks her. The divas pull Kaitlyn off Aksana and hold her back.

^I’m enjoying the relevance of the divas thanks to AJ Lee. Good segment here to put over the feud with Kaitlyn, and great segment to show off AJ’s aggression in the ring. I just wish Natalya had been booked to put up more of a fight.

Alberto Del Rio goes one on one with Chris Jericho. Ricardo Rodriguez gets involved in the match and then Dolph Ziggler attacks Del Rio causing the DQ. Jericho gets angry and delivers the codebreaker to Ziggler for costing him the match.

^I could be very happy with these three having a triple threat match down the road, but I could be just as happy with any combination of them having a one on one feud. One thing is for certain, we saw a glimmer of great wrestling between Del Rio and Jericho and we can bet there will be more to come in the near future with the way things are being booked.

Christian defeats Drew McIntyre with the killswitch. He cuts a promo after the match and says it feels damn good to be back on Smackdown and be in front of all his peeps. Christian says he came back for that one more match. The Shield’s music hits and they lay out Christian.

^Nice to see Christian back on TV, and nice to see Drew McIntyre get an opportunity to wrestle a one on one match. I can’t wait to see Christian feuding with the midcard champions and produce excellent matches. I assume the beatdown by the Shield could mean a possible match for Christian with Dean Ambrose down the line, and that’s something we could all be pleased with.

Paul Heyman is interviewed by Renee Young. She asks Heyman why Brock Lesnar attacked CM Punk and how much Heyman had to do with it. Heyman asks her tons of questions about her personal life and says anything between he and CM Punk is personal and won’t be aired out on TV. He tells her to ask about Curtis Axel’s first IC Title defense next time.

^That was some funny stuff from Heyman, and I wonder how much of that stuff was true about Renee. Great interview!

Randy Orton goes one on one with Daniel Bryan in the main event. Dbry wins by countout after he knocks Orton down with a suicide dive. Dbry is furious with a countout victory and demands the match be restarted. The ref tells him no and gets into a yelling match with Dbry. Dbry gets the crowd chanting yes as the show goes off the air.

^Great wrestling match here! Dbry is clearly playing the workhorse role as his stock continues to score sky high, and I’m not complaining one bit with all the great action the past few months! Awesome main event to end the night, and I’m glad this feud isn’t yet over!

Short wrestling matches and a great main event mixed with decent storyline enhancers is what we were given. I’m not complaining! Thanks again to Jee-S for his contributions with NXT and Main Event coverage! Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck!

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