Jeff Hardy Talks About Why He’s With TNA Over WWE, His Relationship With His Brother Matt has published a recent interview with Jeff Hardy, which was conducted in Westbury, New York earlier this month over WrestleMania weekend. Here are some of the highlights of what Hardy said about:

Why He’s With TNA Instead Of WWE: “I was in TNA years ago, and it’s just more alternative, and more different, and I’m a different kind of cat. I can be more of the enigma I want to be with the music and art and just a professional wrestler in general. The WWE kind of limits it with what you can do, and here I can express my spirit more.”

What Inspired Him to Become a Wrestler: “Back in the day when I’d see Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Sting — especially The Ultimate Warrior and Sting — with the face paint and the larger than life characters, I was obsessed with it. And then I learned more about professional wrestling and the beauty that does exist in it. It truly is an art, and I became obsessed with it and I said, ‘this is what I have to do'”.

His Relationship with Matt: “We have a great relationship. He is working some Ring of Honor shows and working a lot of independent shows. So he’s staying busy. He’s pretty much his own boss. But yeah, we still stay in touch.”