Jeff Hardy Talks Being Worried About His Current Injury, Frustration Over TNA’s Success, More

– Jeff Hardy recently spoke with The Daily Star to promote TNA’s 2016 UK tour. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

His current injury and having no time frame for return:

“I have a torn PCL [posterior cruciate ligament] in my right knee and it’s been torn ever since I broke my tibia. They put a rod in my tibia, so after all the swelling went down I knew something was wrong with my knee. I finally went to the doctor, and I had an MRI, and found out it was a torn PCL. I just started physical therapy last week, it’s been really tough. Hopefully that is going to work and I can avoid surgery. Fingers crossed.”

What he’s most focused on right now:

“My number one right now is getting better. I’m kind of afraid, because my knee is so unstable. It’s freaking me out a little, I’m not gonna lie. Right now I’m mostly concerned about getting better. This is the first serious injury I’ve had in my entire life. This is very new for me. I realize how much I love wrestling now, because I miss it so bad. Just being at the shows and watching the guys go out there and go hard and have great matches, it just makes me feel kinda, I want to say, weak. I know what it’s like, because I’ve had so many friends who have dealt with surgical issues and have been out for long periods of time. Now I’m in that boat, I just want to get better, and continue to help TNA improve.”

Frustration over TNA’s lack of success:

“I just don’t understand it and I never will because I’ve watched so many TNA shows that are just great. Drew Galloway is awesome. I love watching him wrestle, and cut promos. EC3 is right there, he is the top dog. Yeah, it’s frustrating to wonder why, and understand why it has not taken off like it rightfully should have.”

  • Frederick

    Because TNA is full of WWE rejects and has-beens. That’s why it’s not successful.

    • Justin Cissom

      Funny, seeing how NXT is looking to grab a bunch of former TNA performers.

      EC3 is sorely what WWE needs to put Reigns over in WWE (not Wyatt, but their creative team is too stubborn to realize they’re shooting themselves in the foot trying to build both characters the way they are). And just like Austin Aries did, Drew Galloway has made a believer out of me.

    • nbdynprtcular
  • mushroomman

    Good luck with the Injury, Jeff.

  • arlowoodenhead

    Those same wrestlers have success elsewhere. That says to me it is creative and booking that need to up their game. TNA story lines are what makes it impossible to suspend disbelief.

    • Justin Cissom

      I have to disagree with you, and here is why: WWE has the same problems. And the only differences between the two companies are that WWE is established (experienced) and they have the production.

      If TNA or RoH (I haven’t watched Lucha Underground) had WWE’s production, I believe it’d be a completely different story.

  • d3stroy3r

    TNA needs a reboot and start off fresh.

  • Matt K

    TNA has a lot of nice talent. Here’s the problem… There’s too many wrestlers coming in and out and it’s confusing to know who is on the current roster. Also the championship series is extremely confusing. How can anyone understand what’s going on when there’s so many groups. This week there were more groups added and I don’t get it. How does anyone get a fair shot when some wrestlers will have more matches? And why does it matter that Matt Hardy gave up the title to appease EC3? This makes no sense. He still lost the title and didn’t get it back. Also the commentary team. That’s another story… The whole TNA show is just not set up right. They had it right sort of a couple years ago with the Aces and 8s thing. Everyone is also paying attention to NXT. If GFW is a success I see TNA falling under.

    • Justin Cissom

      Very well thought out statement.

  • William

    Funny you have frustration Jeff, if I remember correctly you left TNA during their peak years for WWE in 05/06 and no showed a lot of events