Jennifer Hudson Reportedly Upset About David Otunga’s Decision To Be A WWE Superstar

Jennifer Hudson Reportedly Upset About David Otunga’s Decision To Be a WWE Superstar
By Marc Middleton
May 29, 2014 – 4:43:41 PM

– It’s been a while since we saw David Otunga on WWE TV but it sounds like he may be returning soon. notes that the new issue of Star Magazine reports singer Jennifer Hudson is upset with her husband David Otunga’s decision to be a full-time Superstar, apparently indicating that he’s returning soon. Hudson reportedly wanted Otunga to work as a legal analyst for a TV network. The report quoted a close friend of Hudson’s:

“Jen knows that it is his passion, but she doesn’t want him away from home for long periods of time, and there’s always a chance he could get hurt. Jen keeps trying to steer him away from what he really wants to do…[But] he feels that since she’s living her dream, he should be able to live his.”

  • jmull

    Dude is boring as fuck anyway. Welcome back to obscurity.

  • MercuryIsGod

    I always believed that working with someone like Mark Henry could have elevated his game. Some kind of Nation Of Domination. It worked for D’Lo Brown, even if I never liked him. When he was around, Ezekiel Jackson could have been a part of it, too. We will see how they will book him, this time.

    That being said, he is completely right. He is a very smart man. Jennifer is living her dream. Now, it is David’s turn. He may fail, but at least, he will try.

    • Aaron W.

      If the rumors of the NOD returning in some form are true, I’d love to see him in a Clarence Mason role. I can’t speak highly of his in-ring work, but Otunga does have a good personality and can be entertaining.

      • MercuryIsGod

        He would be good. I found some of his skits funny. Maybe his in-ring work has improved, too. He must have trained for all those months that he has spent away from the ring.

        I know that I am in the minority, but I like him. I even liked his theme song. I found him more entertaining than Chris Masters, for example.

        There is still some hope that he will become better, and used correctly.

  • Greenway

    Rusev needs more black guys to beat

    • chris

      Im gonna disregard your ignorance but,Rusev is trash my friend..the most success he ll ever have is maybe a IC or US Title and that’s me giving him a little respect ..he ll never be a top guy mark my words..he s just another big bruiser to put against the bigger guys in the company