Jenny McCarthy Discusses If She’d Date Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Video)

Jenny McCarthy was a guest on The Huff Post were she talked about several topics and took part in a “dating game” to help hook her up. On the dating game, they showed pictures of eligible bachelors and McCarthy would have to tell them if she would date them or not.

They showed a picture of The Rock and McCarthy mentions that people have told her that she should date him. McCarthy explains that The Rock wouldn’t work for her because she doesn’t like guys that are “too big”.

The host mentions that there is a thought that big guys have small penises, and McCarthy agreed.

The host then asks McCarthy if that was the reason why she wouldn’t date The Rock, implying that The Rock’s package was small. McCarthy responded with, “thats absolutely correct.”

  • Butthead

    LOL!!! She just trolled the shit out of the rock BAHAHAHAHA