Jeremy Borash Talks Season One Of British Bootcamp, Season 2 & Rockstar Spud

Jeremy Borash appeared on the Art of Wrestling podcast with Colt Cabana and talked about British Boot Camp. Below are his comments:

Season One of British Bootcamp: “The idea behind British Boot Camp for the first season was to create it around the Blossom Twins. I think it’s interesting that a project you set out to establish somebody, or two people in their case, can be overhauled in the creative process when somebody comes out of the woodwork and wants it more.”

Rockstar’s Spud winning the first season: “Halfway through the season we were like, ‘This guy is really overshadowing the girls’ and not in a bad way. It’s just that what happened and for this audience….nobody thought he had a chance. Even up until the very last day of the finals, we didn’t know which way we were going to go. Finally, it just came down to Dixie and Hulk and they said, ‘Who can we use right now?’ Sure enough, after seven months of kind of getting fine-tuned in OVW, he debuted (on Impact).”

Season Two of British Bootcamp: “This is a full-fledged reality show in the sense that I have no idea who is going to win it. It’s really an open field with so much great talent here. The last six months, I have been coming over here during weekends off and looking at indie talent and recruiting for the show.

“British Boot Camp, I believe, is starting the second or third Sunday of October and it’s going to run for eight episodes. That’s my labor of love; I’ve worked just night and day on it and had a lot of great people helping me out. The idea behind the show, bottom line, is to raise the awareness and to raise the level of British independent wrestling.”