Jericho Addresses WWE Royal Rumble Return Rumors

Former WWE star Chris Jericho was interviewed by this week and addressed rumors that he’ll be returning to WWE at the Royal Rumble. Jericho said:

“Well, there’s been rumors that I’m coming back pretty much every week since I left… I still have no plans. I know people get mad at me when I say that. I’ve just been enjoying what I’m doing right now, and if other people don’t understand that I’m sorry. I apologize. I never said I wouldn’t go back to wrestling again.

“As of right now, we’ve been doing so much stuff with the band, and then when we’re done with this tour, I’ll have some stuff in Hollywood that I’ll be working on, stuff that kind of transpired from Dancing with the Stars. I’ve never considered myself just a wrestler. I’m an entertainer… It’s one of those things that when the time comes, if it comes, I’ll know it, and maybe I’ll have a really cool idea that no one has ever seen before, and when that happens then I’ll think about it.”

Jericho was asked whether there’s anything left for him to accomplish in wrestling. Jericho responded with a blunt, “No.”

“That’s the thing, f I never wrestle again, I’ll have no regrets… I could be done. I know some people don’t like that or understand it. I don’t want the big WrestleMania sendoff with the cheering and the thing, no f—ing way. I just want to disappear and never be seen again.”