Jericho Responds To WWE Report, Otunga Knocks TNA Champion

– We noted yesterday that WWE’s website had an article speculating that Chris Jericho would be leaving after Sunday’s Over the Limit pay-per-view. Jericho responded to the author on Twitter, “Hey Alex Giannini, heres an idea-shut your effen mouth and stop spreading BS rumours.”

– Chris Jericho was interviewed by Metal Hammer in the UK. A fan asked which other wrestlers were big metal fans:

“Well, CM Punk is more of a punk guy. There are metal elements to him, but he like H20 and bands that I don’t really know much about. HHH is a metalhead, but he likes the Metallicas and the Motorhead and stuff like that. Bubba Ray Dudley is a big metal guy, and Edge is kinda like me, he likes all aspects of music. But as far as true-blue metalheads like me, there aren’t many. There are few and far-between metalheads like me anyway!”

– A fan wrote to David Otunga on Twitter and said that TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode demanding green M&M’s on Impact was copying Otunga when he hosted RAW. Otunga replied and said the following about Roode, “He’s my fan… Or a Mark.”