Jericho Takes Another Shot At Punk, Hunico Works Raw & More

– Former WWE star Chris Jericho took yet another shot at CM Punk on Twitter. Jericho tweeted on Monday night after RAW:

“Another Raw, another stolen move. I expect that from a rookie or a diva, but et tu Punk? BACK OFF….”

Chris Jericho tweeted the following back on August 1st after CM Punk mentioned his name during a promo on RAW:

“Everyone is so excited that @CMPunk mentioned me on Raw. Newsflash…I don’t give a shit. Mind ur own business and stop rippin me off Punk.”

Last week, when CM Punk and Steve Austin were going back and forth talking trash on Twitter, Jericho wrote:

“It’s so cute reading @CMPunk and @steveaustinBSR ‘s lil cyber bitch-fights…”

It appears the seeds are being planted for an eventual CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho feud down the road once Chris Jericho returns to the company – which is just fine with us.

– For those wondering, it was in fact Hunico who wrestled as Sin Cara on RAW. According to a source who was backstage at RAW, the general feeling in the locker room is that Mistico is done with WWE.

– Two readers who were at Monday’s RAW from Tulsa sent in word that there was no Sin Cara merchandise on sale at the event.

– In related Sin Cara news – in light of the recent backstage heat on Mistico, WWE seems to have scrapped the idea of bringing in Mexican wrestler Averno to work with Sin Cara. Before Sin Cara fell out of favor with WWE management, there had been talk of bringing in Averno, a formal rival of Mistico, into WWE so he had someone familiar to work with.