Jerry Brisco, Dory Funk JR. Wes Brisco and “The !BANG! TV Gang”

This edition of “The Pencil” features Dory Funk Jr. and Jerry Brisco taking a look at the Official Record Book of one of the hottest rivalries in wrestling, Funk vs Brisco beginning with Dory Funk Jr. vs Jerry Brisco from a sold out Greensboro Coliseum to Dory Funk Jr vs Jerry Brisco in St. Louis to Funk / Brisco all over the world to the Funks vs The Briscos in a “Lights Out” match in Tampa, Florida.

After agreeing to disagree, Coach Dory Funk and Jerry Brisco perform the Vetting of Funking Conservatory Athletes followed by in ring performances by Cory “Wild” Weston, Jeremy “Rock Star” Spillers, Claudia “The Claw” Reiff, Hollywood Heather, Brian “Hot Shot” Davis, Shane Chung and Jerry Brisco’s Son, Wes Brisco.

Now online in Super H-Q at – Dory Funk and Jerry Brisco, “The Vetting of Funking Conservatory Athletes.”
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