Jerry Lawler Discusses Hulk Hogan’s Return At WWE Crown Jewel PPV

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler and co-host Glenn Moore discussed Hulk Hogan returning to WWE at last week’s Crown Jewel event on a recent edition of his Dinner With the King podcast. Here are the highlights (transcript via Michael McClead and

Hulk Hogan’s return:

“I was really glad to see that phase of Hulk Hogan’s life come full circle and be brought back into the WWE and restored into the Hall of Fame and all that stuff because that was just a shame that that all happened to begin with. I’ve known Terry since the beginning of his career and the things that were said about him were just, they were just not true. He’s a good guy. He’s always been a good guy….he was the face of this business for a long long time and still to be, so I was glad to see Hulk coming back and it looks like he’ll be doing some stuff at WrestleMania and being a part of the WWE family once again.”

Crown Jewel:

“[Talking to Glenn Moore] You were right when you led off with this that Crown Jewel received a lot of backlash and once again, just oh my gosh, it’s political correctness gone wild and what we’ve talked about so many times is everybody has the voice now with so much social media out there and everybody wants to have their voice heard. The show itself was apparently a good show. … So anyway, anything you do is gonna offend somebody and they’ve got a voice now [social media] to sorta be heard.”