Jerry Lawler Injured By Mark Henry & Sent To The Hospital

On Monday’s RAW, Jim Ross interviewed new World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry. Henry said Ross was one of the haters who questioned whether he could ever win “the big one” and got physical with the Hall of Famer. Ross’ longtime partner in crime Jerry Lawler entered the ring and got Henry off JR, but then Henry’s attention (and anger) were turned on the King. After a brief physical exchange, Herny got the best of Lawler and brutally attacked him. After a devastating powerslam in the ring, Henry took Lawler outside and gave him another slam through the announcers table.

According to WWE sources, Lawler was legitimately by Henry’s World’s Strongest Slam through the table. The table reportedly did not give way as expected and Lawler’s back was in “extreme pain.” Lawler was taken to a local hospital via ambulance to be checked out by doctors.