Posted On 09/12/2012 By In News

Jerry Lawler Update; CT Scan Results – No Brain Damage From Heart Attack

Jim Ross posted the following on his Twitter page:

“Memphis TV channel 3 reports @JerryLawler has NO brain damage from his Monday night heart attack. Thank God for WWE doctors & EMTS.”

Jerry Lawler’s son Brian Christopher also posted the following statement:

“The CT scan of my dad’s brain came back good! With his brain not receiving oxygen for as long as it did there was a chance he could have had brain damage. I truly believe everyone’s prayers are working and the Lord is holding him in the palm of his hand. Today is another day, so how about another prayer for “the King”.” is recognized throughout the entire professional wrestling industry as one of the top sources for accurate and up-to-date professional wrestling news, rumors, and information.

  • Kevin Huebner

    Prayer’s be wit you and your family . Your dad is a fighter he will bounce back . Beside’s he help’s make wrestling what it is . Kevin Huebner