Jersey Shore’s J-Woww Reportedly Interested In Wrestling Cookie has yet another update in the ongoing feud between Jersey Shore star “J-Woww” and TNA Knockout Cookie. After J-Woww’s appearance on last week’s episode of TNA iMPACT! culminated with a catfight between the two women, Cookie continued talking trash to TMZ about the Jersey shore star.

The latest is that TMZ sources close to J-Woww say, “Cookie didn’t even get one good punch in with her .. J-Woww would be down for a rematch with that trash.”

J-Woww reportedly got paid $15,000 for last week’s appearance and the ongoing war of words has received a lot of coverage on TMZ ever since. No word on how close J-Woww is to reaching a deal with TNA to wrestle Cookie, but the TMZ source is confident it’s going to happen.