Jesse Neal Comments On TNA Departure, Food Stamps, Toxxin

Jesse Neal appeared on the Running The Ropes podcast (interview available here). Highlights are as follows:

* Neal says that Christina Von Eerie (a/k/a Toxxin), his girlfriend, was never under contract to TNA Wrestling. Her status with TNA remains unknown following Neal’s departure from the organization.

* Neal says the widespread rumor that he received food stamps earlier this year isn’t true. He does, however, admit that he was almost evicted from his small one bedroom apartment three times this year because he couldn’t afford to pay rent.

* Neal says he rejected TNA’s request to move to Louisville, Kentucky and train at Ohio Valley Wrestling because the money they were offering “wasn’t anything close to live on.” Management told him to get a sidejob if he needed money, but felt that with three shows per week and training six days out of seven he wouldn’t have the time.

* Neal says he spoke to company president Dixie Carter over the phone regarding his situation and was promised it would resolved. He adds she was gracious to him on his final day with the company and was sure she’d see him in TNA again one day.

* Neal praised creative writer Vince Russo, who encouraged him with his promos.

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