Jim Ross and Mark Hunt Comment On Possible Brock Lesnar vs. Jon Jones UFC Fight

– In an interview with stuff.co.nz, Mark Hunt (Brock Lesnar’s opponent from last year’s UFC 200 event) commented on the trash talking between Lesnar and Jon Jones. Like Lesnar, Jones also got suspended for a drug test failure and Hunt was critical of both stars:

“That’s why we’re going to court, because of people like this coming in and cheating. I won’t be surprised whatever they do, look what’s happened so far, it’s just a joke these days with cheaters all over the place. It’s the best cheater that gets away with it wins and that’s the worst thing about this whole scenario, they’re both drug cheats. Instead of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, let’s call it the ultimate cheating competition; may the best cheater win. There’s no respect from me for these guys at all as martial artists, none at all.”

– At JRsBarBQ.com, Jim Ross also commented on the words between Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones:

“Interesting sound bytes from Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones regarding the potential of a UFC fight between the two perhaps some day in the future. Both men were accomplished amateur grapplers from their college days and both are badass alpha males. There is no doubt that a Lesnar-Jones fight would generate north of 1M PPV buys quite easily, I’m thinking. Yes, I do think that Brock Lesnar will again fight in the UFC because he can generate a giant payday for his family and I assume, would still maintain a positive relationship with WWE. Seems like this matter of Lesnar returning to UFC is inevitable and should be a win/win for all involved as it relates to the cash. Winning or losing a UFC fight won’t hamper Lesnar’s value to WWE in the least to my way of thinking. Based on what I know, I see no reason that a Lesnar return to UFC would cease Brock’s WWE paydays over the long haul.”