Jim Ross At 1000th RAW?, The Rock Talks Movie Delay, Superstars

* Jim Ross noted on Twitter that as of now, there are no plans for him to be at the 1,000th episode of WWE RAW in July. that that

* Jim Ross also revealed on Twitter that he finished his interview for the upcoming CM Punk DVD set this week.

* The Rock wrote on Twitter about GI Joe 2 being moved back to March 29th, 2013:

“Commitment to make GI JOE a massive world event just got bigger. New release 3/29/13. Rock + Ass kickins + 3D = #AwwwwShit”

* Matches for today’s WWE Superstars are Heath Slater vs. Zack Ryder, Tyson Kidd vs. Antonio Cesaro and WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. JTG & Michael McGillicutty.