Jim Ross Blogs On John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan At SummerSlam, RVD vs. Y2J On Raw, Fandango

The following are highlights from the latest online blog by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

Brad Maddox: RAW GM Brad Maddox is …..SMARMY. Not sure that Mr. McMahon will appreciate Maddox’ decision to allow the WWE Champion to pick his own opponent for the Summer Slam PPV.

The Shield’s attack on Mark Henry: The Shield attacking the mammoth Mark Henry surprised me. Anxious to see how this matter evolves. I actually like this issue as it give both entities something to promo about which is a good thing. Mark Henry can cut a promo with the best of them.

The Wyatt Family’s Raw appearance: The Wyatt Family made another memorable appearance on Monday Night RAW. R Truth got the wrath of what apparently awaits Kane upon the Big Red Machine’s return. Bray’s verbiage is classic and worth a second listen. Could a Wyatt-Kane match possibly be on tap for Summer Slam??

Brock Lesnar’s Raw presence: Lesnar looked huge and remains as athletic a heavyweight as I’ve ever seen in 39 years in the biz. Brock’s like a rampaging,. Hereford Bull who has zero fear and feels that he can dominate anyone that he faces in WWE. Obviously, Punk won’t ever back down but something will have to give if these two do indeed meet at Summer Slam which appears to be a no brainer. If that bout does occur, the next five weeks or so of WWE TV regarding this personal issue make for some great TV.

Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena at SummerSlam: “John Cena picked the only man that he should have logically picked, in my opinion, for the main event for the WWE Title bout at SummerSlam and that was the red hot Daniel Bryan. I will not be surprised if DB beats Cena in LA as that outcome would be HUGE in WWE-land and significantly re-shuffle the deck. Plus, MITB winner Randy Orton is obviously and largely in play no mater the main event’s outcome as Orton could realistically leave Summer Slam as the WWE Champion no matter who wins the Cena-Bryan match.”

RVD vs. Chris Jericho on RAW: “Loved the Jericho-RVD match. Generally a cold match featuring two, fan favorites challenges the crowd to emotionally invest as the rule of thumb is that the fans don’t want either man to lose. These two men put on such a great performance that it embraced all that were in Brooklyn live and that emotion translated well on TV. In 48 hours, RVD is already more relevant than he was the entire time that he was away from WWE.”

Fandango and Summer Rae: “Fandango made a nice showing vs the MITB winner Randy Orton. Summer Rae’s ringside work adds to Fandango’s TV persona. Fandango’s best days are ahead especially as Summer Rae continues to develop while @RandyOrton is at the top of his game.”