Jim Ross Blogs On The Wyatt Family’s Debut, RVD Video Packages, WWE’s New Raw GM

Jim Ross posted his latest blog at JRSBBQ.com. Here are a few highlights:

The Wyatt Family’s debut: “The overall build for the Wyatt Family from the beginning of the show including their entrance was well done. I’m curious to see what their next move will be. Smackdown? MITB? Next week on RAW? All of the above?”

The Rob Van Dam video packages: “The RVD promos certainly made Rob feel special and I’d venture to say more special than his TV persona has felt since he was last in WWE. Great video clips with, ahem, some nice sound bytes from some voice over guy. :)”

Brad Maddox as the new RAW GM: “Brad Maddox being named the new, RAW GM provides for some interesting creative opportunities in the future. I’m curious to see where this matter goes and the political agenda that Maddox’ TV persona establishes. Brad certainly doesn’t have the support of the announce trio based on their comments Monday night which could provide some entertaining interaction in future weeks. Maddox reminds me somewhat of the late, Eddie Gilbert. Maddox’ upside is viable.”

  • MIchael

    No wonder your show sucks ass any more. Lousy writers, too much talk and a joke of story lines. TNA kicks WWE’s ass any day of the week