Jim Ross Blogs On WWE Facing Financial Challenges, Legends House & Tough Enough

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on jrsbarbq.com. As always, you can purchase JR’s BBQ products on WWEshop.com. Here are some highlights from this entry:

– Many financial outlets writing gloom and doom for WWE after the announcement of WWE’s new rights fees deal with NBC/Universal which essentially keeps WWE on USA and SyFy for the next few years. The new rights fee was less than expected/predicted but I can certainly see light at the end of the tunnel. The key driver is to earn more fans and develop regular consumers of their core product. How is that done?

No mystery…develop new, hot stars that are embroiled in reality based, personal issue storylines on a consistent that all fans can emotionally invest in while watching easy to follow TV broadcasts. That process takes time, the right talents, plausible creative, and keeping the process simple but stimulating.

For the long haul and as the stock continues to descend likely for the next few days, I’m thinking that for many investors that the WWE stock is a viable consideration to invest in and that’s if one is a long term investor. I’m no stock analyst but I do think that the stock will rebound in time without question.

I also assume that the entire WWE/NBC/Universal package and business deal is still under wraps and more news will be announced in the near future but let me stress this is merely my speculation and not based on any inside info whatsoever.

Personally I think that Smackdown is best aired live on Tuesday night which fits the WWE production model because live TV, to me, is a better watch than a taped program that is talked to death all week online and via various social media outlets.

I experienced, while with WWE, some trying times in the mid 90’s that were far more challenging than today’s marketplace for WWE so I’m more interested to see who rolls up their sleeves and works smarter and harder in making the brand better over the long haul.

As always, the key to the genre is talent and television. Recruiting and training great, young talents plus producing consistent, episodically viable, weekly TV will always be the key.

The WWE Network is still a great value and an investment that I am happy that I made so I can get my wresting fix whenever I choose at an affordable price.

– Because I have been asked this often, I’d like to address this matter one last time. I am not a candidate to be included in the WWE Legend’s House if they do a second season. I have not been asked by WWE nor do I have any interest in doing the 6 week or so project. I’m too busy with a variety of other projects to invest the time. I would be interested in being involved in Tough Enough as I love spending time with the young prospects who simply want to live their dreams just as I was able to do.