Jim Ross Blogs On WWE RAW, Paul Heyman’s Promo, Shawn Michaels Effectiveness & More

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog on his website jrsbarbq.com. Below are the highlights:

Monday Night Raw thoughts from Memphis: The in ring product last night was solid and enjoyable for the most part. Any one who thinks that WWE, or any one else, can have three hours of great, TV rasslin and it all be really good needs to be drug tested. That’s not going to happen any time soon. I honestly don’t think that’s possible at this time in the business.

Ambrose vs. Bryan was a really, nice match. Bryan provided his fans ‘hope’ while Ambrose taking a clean loss gives him something to bitch about and to plot for his retribution. Great selling and near falls which are two essentials of any good, pro wrestling bout.

Orton vs. Ziggler was another good bout that Orton needed to win and Ziggler provided the ‘shine’ for that outcome. Another loss that did not destroy Dolph who has proven to me that he is one of WWE’s top talents. Many fans are growing impatient of Ziggler’s current status on the card but all he can do is continue to out perform as many of his opponents as he can on a regular basis and his time will come. That’s akin to HBK being considered only a tag team wrestler and never any thing else for years until Shawn got into one on one bouts and, over time, became a show stealer.

His thoughts on Paul Heyman: Paul Heyman’s promo was the best verbal presentation on the show but that can be said more often than not. Heyman knows how to be an antagonist and how to facilitate fans to dislike him. Villains who purposely make fans laugh are erroneously produced in my view. Bobby Heenan could pull it off but ‘Wease’ was a genius and he did not have writers providing his material.

Certainly feel that the Heyman-Punk personal issue is nearing a definitive end. I guess we will find out on Sunday. I’m not sure where else it can go involving the two especially as it relates to Punk giving Heyman the long promised physicality that Heyman’s TV persona deserves.

Big E. Langston’s face turn: Enjoying the opportunity that Big E Langston is getting and hope that he allows his personality to be unleashed and that E becomes a star. Very bright, athletic kid who played defensive tackle at Iowa after being a state heavyweight wrestling champion in Florida. I enjoyed working with Big E when I would make my trips to Florida in both Tampa and Orlando.

Who does Bray Wyatt remind him of?: Bray Wyatt in ring promo last night was reminiscent to some of Jake Roberts’ work back in the day. Jake was one of the all time best promo guys and if Bray Wyatt can merely approach that level in today’s world he will be a bigger success.

Hell In A Cell This Sunday: Thought HBK was effectively utilized in Memphis and much better than the week before. I tweeted @JRsBBQ last night asking if RAW would end the night with ‘hope’ or ‘heat’ and the answer obviously was one of ‘hope’ as the overachieving, underdog Daniel Bryan…along with the Big Show….left the live audience on a high and hopefully, for the talents and WWE’s sake, the motivation needed to purchase the HIAC PPV this Sunday. It will be interesting to see how many titles change hands come Sunday at the HIAC PPV in Miami. I’m also curious as to what main event closes the show.