Jim Ross Blogs On WWE SummerSlam Weekend, NXT Stars, Mid South DVD, More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross Blogs a new blog entry. Here are some highlights.

Legends of Mid South DVD: WWE will release the Legends of Mid South Wrestling on September 10 of which I have seen and really enjoyed . It brought back some wonderful memories of working for the bombastic albeit it brilliant Cowboy Bill Watts and “going to school” every single day. This DVD will be, without question, one that many fans will wonder why something memorable from their past was left out. Honestly, there is no physical way to include all the great content from the WWE acquired Mid South/UWF library in one DVD. I hope that you will check it out in a few weeks. If it sells well, perhaps another one will be produced.

SummerSlam weekend: I plan on attending Summer Slam weekend and will be doing an appearance or two at AXXESS.

Austin’s Podcast: Steve Austin’s Podcasts are really ‘must hear’ pieces of business and I may record another podcast with Steve while I’m in LA for Summer Slam. Depends on if he buys dinner. Follow Steve on Twitter @steveaustinBSR.

NXT talents: My personal take on NXT talents is simply that, my opinion. There is SO much more to becoming a successful WWE Superstar than merely the ability to perform in the ring. Some fans who seemingly have no management experience and perhaps haven’t moved out of their folk’s home just yet, simply don’t get that simple, common sense philosophy. I don’t have an exact age in mind that talents should be called up to the primary WWE roster. Some people mature at different ages and some never mature and become reliable pros who strive every day, no matter the hand that they are dealt, to improve their game in ALL phases and to place the company before their own agendas.

Anti #OU Football tweets: It’s insane the amount of dumb asses who Tweet me @JRsBBQ an anti #OU Football tweet and then get PO’ed when I don’t answer them back. It’s like I want to say, “What are you, 12?”