Jim Ross Blogs On Ric Flair’s Health, Raw’s Main Event, CM Punk vs. Undertaker & More

Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry on his official website. Here are the highlights:

On CM Punk vs. The Undertaker: The physicality, albeit brief, that ensued between The Undertaker and @CMPunk was unexpected by me but was certainly was explosive and well timed. One can assume that the Streak match at WM29 will be one of Punk attempting to eliminate Taker’s vertical base, use well placed kicks to the quads of the Deadman and attempt to win via submission which would make for a massive victory. Because I see strikes being utilized in the Streak match more than perhaps actual wrestling, I’m guessing that this main event contest might end suddenly and more quickly than some perceive. Punk is a great strategist and deep thinker so his game plan will be well planned and he likely will push the pace against his future Hall of Fame opponent who hasn’t wrestled a complete, single’s match in approximately one year.

On Chris Jericho vs. Fandango: We’re getting some interesting feedback on Twitter @JRsBBQ regarding Fandango. some fans love the persona while others are vehemently opposed to it even though it hasn’t developed fully including Fandango having his first, full match. Perhaps that’s the issue..fans simply have significantly less patience to allow a new, TV persona to develop and want results yesterday. Chris Jericho wrestling Fandango at WM29 is a win in my view if for nothing else Jericho is on the card, and he makes any card that he is on better, and Chris certainly deserves to be at the biggest event of the year. Secondly, @IAmJericho will push Fandango to wrestle and perform at Jericho’s pace and we will all see what Fandango has to offer under pressure at MetLife Stadium. I will assure you that Jericho won’t modify his big event, game to accommodate the young Fandango.

On Mark Henry vs. Ryback: Quite the strong man display by Mark Henry and Ryback Monday as their one on one match at WrestleMania continues to evolve. I’ve seen strongman themed matches that were atrocious but don’t feel as if this one will be whatsoever. Will it be Flair vs. Steamboat? No but what will on any card in today’s world? I do think that both Ryback and Henry will both have great outings and use not only their strength but their strong TV personas to make their collision at WM29 memorable.

On Raw’s Closing Segment: The concept of the last segment of #Raw was intriguing as hell. I loved seeing the Legends Panel and wish, in hindsight, that I had known who all were going to be participating earlier as it would have increased my anticipation for the final scene of the night. Rock and Cena felt natural and organic verbalizing in the lengthy segment that ended with some surprising physicality…at least I did not see it coming. I applaud Cena’s desire to dominate the Rock in the main event at WM29 which tells me that their bout will be more physical than we have seen in the past between the two which always works for me. Physicality and aggression cures many ills in my view. If their aggression was at a 8, for argument’s sake last year in Miami, then it should be at a 10 for the return on a crisp Sunday night in MetLife Stadium. I expect a fast paced contest and many near falls in this show closer as following over three hours of content isn’t an easy task but these two will not wilt under the pressure.

On Ric Flair: Heard Ric Flair was in Philly Monday but was send back to Charlotte for medical reasons. I don’t know any details but hopefully Ric has followed up with his doctor’s in Charlotte to determine what the issue is with apparent swelling in his knee. Naitch will always be Naitch but he’s in his mid 60’s now and Mother Nature and Father Time rarely compromise.